Friday, March 29, 2013

Volcano box Tool setup v2.0.0 free

VolcanoTool_v2.0.0.rar | 89.8 MB
World's 1st 

 ALL MTK 65xx
 ALL Android 4.x.x
 Invalid Imei repair
 Imei NULL repair

1 - !!!! Imei repair with META mode Supported !!!!
1- Very Very Easy to use & User Friendly Gui
2- Displyed Allmost All Things on Front
3- Replace All hidden options on Main
4- Added more than 40 Skins. Dark & Light mix
5- Detect Button Always on Stop
6- Blue icon on right Top for Capture Screen shot
7- Red icon on right top for Imei option Enable or Disable
8- Click on Cpu & OS for hide or display Cpu bar
9- Assitant Bar added for usefull tools
10- Alcatel Flash tools at right bar
11- MTK Platform under Alcatel Flash tool ( for MTK Alcatel phones )
12- MTK android platform V2.0 at right bar
13- MTK android platform v1.04 at right bar
14- MTK Android platform V1.12 at right bar
15- CDMA Tool V1.0 at right bar
16- Samsung Code Reader at right bar
17- Huawei Modems ( New Security ) at right bar
18- Huawei Modems ( Old Security ) at right bar
19- Huawei U series unlock at right bar
20- Huawei G series unlock at right bar
21- SonyErcsson Tools at right bar
22- Imei Generator at right bar
23- Eagle eye at right bar
24- Oscilloscope at right bar
25- Skin Changer at left bottom corner
26- Android tool at left bar
27- Mtk at left bar
28- Spd at left bar
29- Coolsand at left bar
30- Samsung Tool at left bar
31- Mstar at left bar
32- Adb tools at left bar
33- Ad at left bar
34- Ad_3G at left bar
35- anyka at left bar
36- infineion at left bar
37- Philips at left bar
38- SI4909 at left bar
39- Sky at left bar
40- Ti at left bar
41- ZTE at left bar
42- Click on Menu for Reconnect box
43- Click on Menu for System Self-Test
44- Click on Menu for Advance Options ( for select Volts etc )
45- Click on Menu for Download Latest Drivers
46- Click on Menu for go to Download Area for Download new updates etc
and lot of other things....

General Update:

1- Add new function "Add wireless devices." in new menu "Menu_Media".
2- Add new function "List online mediaplayers." in new menu "Menu_Media".
3- Add new function "Erase all sdcard." in new menu "Menu_Media".
4- Add new function "Play file on mediaplayers." in new menu "Menu_Media".
5- Add new function "Stop file playback on all." in new menu "Menu_Media".
6- Adjust EMMC falsh of MTK Android for "One Key Root".
7- Add new flashes for MTK Android MTK6572
8- Solved SPD6531 Format Bug
9- Add new flashes for MTK Android MTK6577
10- Add new flashes for MTK Android MTK 6589
No Root
 No Flash
 No hassle
 Just one Click

how to repair imei ?

go to MTK TAB
 do Enable imei
 click on Android tool
 click on Run
 click on MTK 65xx New Method
 Fill imei in boxes
 click on Write imei
 when software saying searching for port
 Insert Usb cable to phone in powered OFF condition !!
 waiting software for process complete
 after 2 secs your imei repair

Possible problems :

You Drivers are conflicting
 You Drivers port are High like 50~200
 You didn't install 2nd time drivers
 your 1st time drivers com port is ok but 2nd time drivers com port is high
 Wrong Drivers installed
 Windows problem

some test reports
VolcanoBox Ver 2.0.0 world's 1st mt65xx 4.x.x imei repaired success BETA TEST REPORTS

Make sure you have Clean pc and Drivers are conflicting.

2 - Detailed VolcanoBox manual updated

 Run Volcanobox
 Click on Manual Help
 Read Detailed volcanobox

 Special Thanks to Dipendra Pathak

3 - Adjust MTK Android EMMC flash read, write separate file and get ROOT permission.

 4 - Solve some Coolsand phone dead problems after Write flash.

 5 - Add 6530 new flash ic supported.

 6 - Now we can add any 6530 Unsupported Flash ic.

 If You Have To Flash Your Smartphone :-

Some Common Problems And Their Solutions Of Phone :-

My Phone flash file system corrupted or phone dead problem ,How To Solve Camera , Display , touch , keypad etc not working
My Phone Processing very slow and hang problem Solved , Some application not working showing error in my Phone
Booting windows or mobile phone networks problem, What is The Solution for phone Restart automatically
Phone Sim Card Not Working Issue
Processing very slow and hang problem Camera , Display , touch , keypad etc not working When opening camera suddenly an error occurred and camera stopped working.
some application is stopped working. flash file system corrupted or phone dead problem ,Virus problem
 , Booting windows or mobile phone networks problem, phone Restart automatically, Sim Card Not Working Issue and many more problems
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