Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Nokia X Dual SIM Display Lighting Solution Jumper

Nokia X Dual SIM logging solution lit LCD display

Nokia X display to light the way to solve the problem is the jumper.

This occurs when a Nokia X Dual SIM, lighting any type of problem usually show water damage your phone. In this situation, your phone works normally, but on their phone for various functions, especially in the sun, as do various functions will become a problem as it actually It is very difficult to have. The problem is very important for you to control.

The problem
Display lights do not work.
Display lighting is dim.
Light display works sometimes and sometimes it does not.

The following is a description of the solution and the primary partition that you need to check first to refer to.

D solutions created by Article

You re-solder the connector pins on the board and remember to check out the LCD screen The first thing you need to do.
The steps of a good job with the LCD screen, check fails.

The capacitor on the board by his first pin connector (Capacitor 1 Capacitor 2) appears with a check. If any faulty, replace it.
Now check the battery terminal Show the first pin of the IC.
IC capacitor continuation of any checks for poor performance, then replace it.
IC display then slowly heat the above step fails, replace it and it still fails, check.

Posted on our web site, our team before posting each solution by one or more experienced, but still remember that, but we still cause any damage to your cell phone can Note: do not take any responsibility for it, please. Repair solution used at your own risk. Thank you.
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