Tuesday, May 19, 2015

"IR-Key Suit" version 5.0.0 Setup Download

"IR-Key Suit" version 5.0.0 Beta Released

Unofficial Support Site By welcome Zone Haldwani

View start Version 5
(The first release of product)
Recovery mixer (Creating auto custom recovery file, and install it for all models of Android.
Supporting non mtk htc phones.
Application Manager (Installer | Backup).
Backup & Restore options.
Boot animation (Installer | Backup | Make).
File Manager.
Flasher (Hboot update | Fastboot & RUU update | Flash image from normal & recover |
Recovery flasher(online & offline) | Zip flasher from recovery).
Hboot editor.
Information (Normal read all info | cpu info | Fastboot all info |
Read installed rom info from normal & recovery | Find rom in IR-File.com).
Partition tools (Dump tools[restore & backup] | hboot restore & backup | Recovery mixer |
unsecure boot maker | Format & wipe | Mount options).
Repaire tools (s-on | repair cid | repair imei | repair mid | repair md5 mismatched |
miscellaneous options | repair main version).
ROM Tools (ROM decryptor | Packager | GoldCard | Errors Information).
Root (Temporary root | Permanent root).
Screen control.
Terminal (adb | shell | fastboot).
Unlock & Lock (1'click bootloader unlock | unline update bootloader | Relock bootloader |
Password & pattern unlock).
User Interface (Font installer | Language enabler | kii keyboard).
Online htc rom finder in IR-File.com
And more ...
The next updates will be added:
CPU support of MTK, SPD, Cotex, RK, Intel, repair IMEI, flash and update, for the construction of a custom ROM, and all your needs.

Updates will be free for all users. The download-ROM 1 year is free, after which you must create the account.
Users who have already downloaded the IR-File, after the end credits, should take new account

Sorry, it's too late to have updates, we will try to not be repeated. We thank you for your patience.

************************************************** **

"IR-Key Suit Full Setup" version 5.0.0

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