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Chinese Miracle 2 MTK v 1.26 Setup Download

Chinese Miracle 2 MTK Mediatek v 1.26  Nokia MT6261, MT6735/MT8735, New MTK Android features, more CPUs

Unofficial support site  By Welcome Zone Haldwani

MTK SP Platform 

- New CPU support
- MT6735/MT8735
Service: Security Repair, Read Info, Read Extended Info, Format FS, Fix DL
UserLock: Read PatternLock, Reset UserLocks (Google, Pin, Password etc.)
Forensic: PhoneBook extraction
Extra: Flash Erase, Repair Unknown BaseBand, Init Preloader
Privacy Lock reset: Normal, Safe mode
Read Factory Firmware
Read/Write: Flash, NVRAM
Unlock: SP Unlock via "Direct Unlock" and "Read Codes" (Under Test)

- USB Flashing improved

Flash Engine revised
MT6735/MT8735 Flashing support activated
Supported Platforms for Factory FW Flashing:
MT6571/MT6572/MT6575/MT6577/MT6582/MT6589/MT6592/MT6732/MT6735/MT6752/MT6795/MT87xx/MT83xx with eMMC

- Firmware reading improved

Brand-specific improvements (Meizu, Xiamoi, Qmobile, Lenovo, Alcatel)
MT67xx New "type" structure supported
Autodetection improved
MT6735 eMMC supported
MT8735 eMMC supported
Supported Platforms for Factory FW Reading:
MT6571/MT6572/MT6575/MT6577/MT6582/MT6589/MT6592/MT6732/MT6735/MT6752/MT6795/MT87xx/MT83xx with eMMC

- Service operations improved
- New Feature - Read Extended info
Allow read: All hardware info (LCD/Touch/Camera/rest info) and software info (Including languages)
Support most "unknown" brands/models and 3rd party models (some original brands supported as well)
Useful for seeking spareparts, identify HW, compare firmwares, cross-flashing "noname" phones
Supported Platforms: MT6571/MT6572/MT6575/MT6577/MT6582/MT6589/MT6592/MT6732/MT6735/MT6752/MT6795/MT87xx/MT83xx with eMMC

- NVRAM operations revised
MT6735/MT8735 supported
Now default name is "BaseBand Version" (if possible to identify it)
Allow identify NV files for "unknown" brands
Allow use same BB version NVRAM for different phones

- SP Unlock improved
- MT6735/MT8735 SP Unlock support activated (Under Test)
- New models included:
MTS Smart Run 4G
- Direct Unlock revised

- Security Repair improved
- Support MT67xx models with "new type" structure for "CM2: Permanent mode"
- Fix Unknown BaseBand revised for latest platforms
- Some bugfixes

- UserData operations improved 
- Forensic Engine revised
Improved PhoneBook extraction for old Android versions (4.0.x - 4.x.x)
Improved PhoneBook extraction for Android 5.x versions
Revised output formats - VCFv2 supported (combined), VCFv3 supported (combined)
Total supported formats: CSV (Google), VCFv2 and VCFv3 (combined single), TXT (readable/printing)
- Privacy Protection password (UserData Safe mode) improved for some Android versions
- NAND PatternLock reading revised

- Other

MT6580 eMMC support under test (Service/Unlock/UserLocks/Forensic/FWReading/Info)
MT6753 eMMC support under test (Service/Unlock/UserLocks/Forensic/FWReading/Info)
Generic NAND support revised

MTK FP Platform

- FlashLoaders updated
- Nokia 105 series phones support activated!
Supported operations:
*Read Info / Check
*Format FS
Supported models: RM-1134, RM-1135, RM-1136
Now CM2MTK module support ALL exisitng Nokia MTK phone for basic operations!

- UserCode reset revised for some models
- Some improvements in Forensic Engine for MT6260/MT6261 phones

Other (Main) 

- Connection revised for FP/SP
- Some bugfixes and improvements

Official download link

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