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Volcano Box Inferno FRP Unitool v 1.1.5 Full Setup Download

Volcano Box Inferno Unitool v 1.1.5 Added Samsung FRP in Download Mode & in ADB Mode

Unitool V1.1.5
What's new ?
 Volcano box is a very  powerful service tool, that can read/write flash, repair many types of chinese phone.

Added Samsung FRP Remove in Download Mode (beta)
Supported till 2016 patched
Supported Model list
SM-G3818 SM-G3818 SM-G3819 SM-G386T SM-G386T1
SM-G386W SM-G388F t SM-G5108 SM-G530H SM-G530M
SM-G530P SM-G530Y SM-G531F SM-G531Y SM-G5700 SM-G6000 SM-G600F SM-G600FY
SM-G600S SM-G6100 SM-G710 SM-G7102 SM-G7102T SM-G7105 SM-G7105L SM-G710K
SM-G710L SM-G710S SM-G7200 SM-G7202 SM-G720AX SM-G720NO SM-G730A SM-G730M
SM-G730W8 SM-G7508Q SM-G7509 SM-G900FG SM-G900H SM-G900I SM-G900K SM-G900L
SM-G900M SM-G900MD SM-G900P SM-G900S SM-G900T SM-G900T1 SM-G900T2 SMG900T3 SM-G900V SM-G900W8 SM-G901F SM-G906K SM-G906L SM-G906S SM-G9105
SM-G910S SM-G9200 SM-G9208 SM-G9209 SM-G920P SM-G920R4 SM-G925P SM-G928P
SM-G9300 SM-G9308 SM-G930P SM-G930T SM-G930T1 SM-G930U SM-G930V SM-G9350
SM-G935P SM-G935T SM-G935T1 SM-G935U SM-G935V SM-J100F SM-J100FN SM-J100G
SM-J100M SM-J100MU SM-J100MV SM-J100VPP SM-J100Y SM-J105M SM-J110F SM-J110G
SM-J110M SM-J3110 SM-J3119 SM-J320P SM-J320YZ SM-J500F SM-J500FN SM-J500G
SM-J500H SM-J500M SM-J500NO SM-J500Y SM-J5108 SM-J510F SM-J510FN SM-J510G
SM-J510H SM-J510K SM-J510L SM-J510MN SM-J510N SM-J510S SM-J510UN SM-J7108
SM-N750 SM-N7500Q SM-N7502 SM-N7505 SM-N7505L SM-N900 SM-N9000Q SM-N9002
SM-N9005 SM-N900A SM-N900K SM-N900L SM-N900P SM-N900S SM-N900T SM-N900V
SM-N900W8 SM-N910A SM-N910F SM-N910G SM-N910P SM-N910T SM-N910V SM-N910W8
SM-N9150 SM-N915A SM-N915D SM-N915F SM-N915FY SM-N915G SM-N915S SM-N915T SM-N915W8 SM-N9200 SM-N9208 SM-N920P SM-N9300 SM-N930A SM-N930P SM-N930R4 SM-N930T SM-N930U SM-N930W8 SM-P350 SM-P350 SM-P355 SM-P355C SM-P355M SM-P355Y SM-P550 SM-P555 SM-P555C SM-P555K SM-P555L SM-P555M SM-P555S SM-P555Y SC-01C SC-01D SC-01E SC-01F SC-01G SC-02B SC-02C SC-02E SC-02F SC-03D SC-03E SC-04
SC-04E SC-04F SC-04G SC-05D SC-05G SC-06D SCH-I435 SCH-I545 SCH-I959 SCH-M490
SCH-M710 SCH-M715 SCH-M719 SCH-R960 SCH-W200 SCH-W210 SCH-W240 SCH-W270 SCH-W390M SCH-W410 SCH-W420 SCH-W450 SCH-W460 SCH-W460R SCH-W510 SCH-W550 SCH-W560 SCH-W570 SCH-W580 SCH-W590 SCH-W690 SCH-W720 SCH-W740 SCH-W750 SCH-W760 SCH-W770 SCH-W780
SGH-A767 SGH-A777 SGH-A847 SGH-A847D SGH-A847M SGH-A847R SGH-A877 SGH-A887
SGH-A927 SGH-I187 SGH-I257 SGH-I257M SGH-I317 SGH-I317M SGH-I337 SGH-I337M
SGH-I337Z SGH-I407 SGH-I437 SGH-I437P SGH-I437Z SGH-I497 SGH-I527 SGH-I527M
SGH-I537 SGH-I547 SGH-I547C SGH-I577 S GH-I677 SGH-I677L

Some phones may give some error like "Dev Failed" etc so you have to flash with other firmware ver and try again.
these all models are supported but their all security patched are not supported
if after change firmware still getting failed then that patch is not supported
if you get error custom binary not supported by frp enaled devices then that kind of devices are not supported
please use it on windows 7

Added Samsung FRP Remove in ADB (beta)
You have to enable ADB by flashing SBoot or Combination file to get access in adb and after you can do with inferno

Download Now :
Index of ./VolcanoBox/Inferno - VolcanoBox 3.0/

Index of ./VolcanoBox/Pack1 aka Merapi Tool/


* VOLCANO DONGLE ( Inferno ) : 69 USD only
INFERNO TOOL 100% FREE for 1 Month for All VOLCANO BOX
MERAPI TOOL 100% free for All VOLCANO BOX ( no time limit )
Request from VolcanoTeam...
VolcanoTeam Requesting you to please Recommend INFERNO to all of your Friends. Talk
with those who have VolcanoBox who don't have Merapi or Who have Merapi Activated Please ask
them Just Try to use Inferno and Feel the Difference. i hope those guys will Enjoy alot.
Please ask your Friends to USE Inferno.
All VolcanoBox Users Please try Inferno MTK & Inferno SPD. you will simply love it.

 If You Have To Flash Your Smartphone :-

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Processing very slow and hang problem Camera , Display , touch , keypad etc not working When opening camera suddenly an error occurred and camera stopped working.
some application is stopped working. flash file system corrupted or phone dead problem ,Virus problem
 , Booting windows or mobile phone networks problem, phone Restart automatically, Sim Card Not Working Issue and many more problems
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